It's a dirty job, but somebody's got to look good doing it.

Meet Our Team


BILL WEBERTeam Captain

When I started my own tree care company back in 1986 I never thought I would end up making clothes for some of the same folks that helped me out way back then. Sure, there are days I'd rather be working in the trees but we all have those. Truth is, we have one of the best teams around and working together here is like one big family. But when I am not with this family I'm with my other family, at home. We spend as much time outdoors as possible and try and squeeze in family dinners between athletic games or after school activities.



I spend my time at Arborwear opening more avenues to deliver product to our customers. That takes me on the road quite a bit but it is a great chance for me to listen to our customers and work with them to help deliver our message. When I'm not on the road or in the office, you'll find me on a lake, camping or hiking with my amazing wife, Mindy, our little girl Maddie and of course, Canyon. When I can carve out some extra time, I enjoy hunting or fishing with my brothers.


KERRI MAKARCustomer Care Manager + Wholesale Sales Coordinator

I have been working at Arborwear since 2002! I started doing anything and everything answering phones, shipping, etc. Since then, I have settled in as the Wholesale Sales Coordinator, where I work with all of the amazing stores that sell Arborwear. When I'm not working, you'll most likely find me spending time with my three awesome kids-Jake, Addison and Caleb. Life is good!



Coming or going, money is my responsibility, but you may also catch me answering your call or helping out at an occasional tradeshow. Mostly I'll be hidden away in the cabin behind a computer crunching numbers. Turn that computer off give me a body of water, toss the kayak in and I'll be paddling. Winters are spent looking for deep powder!


LANCE MATISTEOutside Sales Manager

Originally from PA, schooled in AZ, residing in OH and now traveling coast to coast working hard to give my best to our customers. If I can be of service to your business in any way (or if you just want to go fishing) please contact me.


JACK POLLNERSales Representative - Northeast

AKA "That guy with the red beard." I wasn't born here in New England, but I made it my home as soon as I could. I was drawn to Arborwear after realizing that apparel, for me, meant more than just looking good, as it had to be comfortable and perform well for daily life in a region that could see 60º and sun one day, and 25º and snow the next. When I'm not on the road touting the virtues of a good pair of pants, you can probably find me on the side of a mountain here in the Granite State. Whether it's chasing brook trout in the White Mountains with a fly rod in the fall, searching out fresh pow stashes in the woods in the winter, or hiking with my wife, Jackie, and our dog Callie in the spring and summer, you'll almost always find me outside.


NATE DEBICKSales Representative - Midwest

I absolutely love my job here at Arborwear. I am responsible for handling sales in the midwest states of IN, IL, KY, MI. When i'm not on the road, chances are I'm on the river chasing steelhead or sitting in a tree stand chasing whitetails. My favorite Arborwear product is hands down the Canopy Pants.


KEVIN TIERNEYSales Representative - Rockies

I’m originally from Chagrin Falls, home of Arborwear. Before coming on board, I spent the last decade traveling the globe with my wife, leading people on active travel vacations. My passions include: spending time with my friends and family, traveling, camping, hiking, and riding my bicycle. We have a daughter named Charlotte, who constantly keeps us on our toes. We currently reside in Colorado and are enjoying all the outdoor pursuits and natural beauty. I’m absolutely thrilled to be a part of the Arborwear family and look forward to seeing where we go in the next decade.


TANNER DOVSEKSales Representative – Mid-Atlantic

I am the rep for OH, PA, WV, VA, MD, DE, and the western part of NY. If you call any of those states home, I challenge you to reach out to me and let me help you find out how Arborwear will suite your needs best. When I am not working with customers, you can find me racing atv motocross almost every weekend or wetting a line in hopes to reel in a largemouth bass! I'm an avid dog lover so it only makes sense that I own two Siberian Huskies. My outdoor lifestyle makes Arborwear the perfect fit for me, and I hope it does the same for you!



My job at Arborwear involves all aspects of Inside Sales for the Mid-Atlantic states. Outside of work I'm usually traveling, working in my yard, or spending time with my family.



My Inside Sales role is to help all our fine customers in the Midwest find and buy the products they need. When I am not at work you can me spending time with my family. We are always outdoors camping, fishing, or hunting-and we are always sporting our Arborwear gear!



Chances are, if you called Arborwear, we've had the opportunity to chat! I started at Arborwear back in 2009. Over the years, I've had my hand in a little bit of everything from answering phones and order entry to shipping. As our team has grown, I've found my niche as with Inside Sales for the Northeast. Outside of work I can be found chasing my 2 dogs, hanging with family & friends, baking, running, or my favorite-lounging on the beach in Mexico with a good book in hand!


NIKKI BONDInside Sales

My job at Arborwear includes working with both the customer service team and the wholesale team. I love learning about our customers and our awesome stores that sell our products and help us grow! When I'm not at work you will find me outside (as long as the Ohio weather is cooperating!) sitting by a lake or pool, golfing, learning about the hunting world, at a country concert or simply hanging out with my friends and family!



I started working at Arborwear in August of 2018 as a Customer Service Rep and moved in to the Inside Sale Rep position for the Northeast come January 2019. My role here at Arborwear consists of order entry, sales, customer service and all around just making sure our customers are happy and have the right products for their needs.Outside of work you can usually find me hanging with my family, hiking, reading or finding new places to travel to and experience. I am always looking for new adventures to try and excuse to go out and explore.



I’m an Inside Sales Representative here at Arborwear! My role is to help my customers with all their Arborwear needs and will do what I can to give them the best experience and customer service I can give. I’m a thrill seeker and one of my favorite things to do in the summer would be going to amusement and water parks. The best part of my job is that it never feels like work and I truly love what I do.



I live in Hiram with my husband and 2 kids. After work you can find me enjoying kayaking, yoga and gardening!



Joining the Arborwear team has been such a positive & exciting change for me! Everyone here is friendly & mutually passionate about the outdoors. You can find me in the office, placing orders and doing my best to make our hard-working & hard-playing customers happy! My time away from Arborwear is spent outdoors gardening, hiking & exploring with my two little ones.


MARCY COPEManager of Design and Development

I really like bringing my design and textile background to this friendly log cabin experience: spending my days researching design & fabric development and fun new hardware and fasteners for the Arborwear product Line. When I'm not creating inside the cabin, I'm creating or painting something inside my home or outside with my husband and daughter: hiking, running, and gardening.


KIM AVRAMTechnical Designer

My job at Arborwear is to help create the quality clothes you love! Working in the design department, we are always researching the latest trends, which I then work into our Arborwear Apparel. After work, you can find me exploring the outdoors with my dog or getting together with my friends and family.


TESSA O'CONNORAssistant Technical Designer

Working at Arborwear, I am able to combine my fashion design background with my passion for the outdoors. I assist the product development team in creating, sourcing, & researching for the Arborwear apparel line. When I am not at work I try to spend most of my time outside hiking, camping or skiing. I love exploring new places with friends, family and my miniature husky ...while wearing my Arborwear gear of course!


SHAUNA BURTProduction & Sourcing Manager

In my position I get to work with all divisions of the business. I'm lucky to be involved from start to finish getting product to our customers. From collaborating with the design team to placing orders and monitoring production; all the way to coordinating shipments/deliveries-the learning curve is steep, but I love it. When I'm not in the office my time is spent getting to know the area (I just moved with my supportive family, from New Hampshire). I enjoy running and hiking with the dogs, gardening, baking and most of all relaxing with my nose in a book.


HEIDI BAUMGARTDirector of Marketing

I make sure everything Arborwear is #OnBrand. I'm a spreadsheet-making, alphabetizing, binder-making organizer. My mission is to build community whether with my neighbors or goal-oriented professionals. I love all things navy, the hard-working Ohio band Red Wanting Blue, butter, and Rutherford Cabernets. I'm a proud sustaining member of NPR *89.7 WKSU* and Kent State alum. After-hours, you'll find me at the lake with my husband and two small humans.


KATHY LORAINEWebsite Coordinator

With over 15 years in the landscape industry I know how important it is to have clothes that work with you! My goal is to make sure that you and our staff have the best experience possible using our website or web stores. I use my art and design skills in everything I do whether it be drawing, crafts, photography, gardening, or building a website. I love animals and everything outdoors. You can usually find me volunteering at our local state park, camping, swimming or fishing with family and friends if I’m not inside playing the occasional video game or working on my own craft or computer project.


JADEN DEVOGELMarketing Creative Lead

I love a good design almost as much as I love a good hike in the woods. Originally from Michigan (don't hold that against me), I now call Ohio home along with my two sons and patient wife. If it's something with a picture, type, video or some combination of those elements I've probably got a hand in it's creation. I've worked as a 3d animator, developer, print designer, UI / UX designer and occasional bmx bike AV delivery guy in my 20 some years of professional experience. When I'm not making awesome, fun visuals for Arborwear, I'm probably chasing the kiddos around, fixing a car, rewiring my house, camping, hiking, or just sitting in a cozy chair enjoying the fresh air.


CAITLIN SUMMERSMarketing Creative Designer

My role at Arborwear is to help create all the awesome marketing material you see on the web, in magazines, and even on the clothes! I assist with all things creative from emails and social media posts, to photography and clothing tags. When I'm not working you can find me shredding the white wave on my snowboard or paddling down a river soaking up the sun (and maybe a beer). Cheers!



If you've ever received an invoice from Arborwear, chances are pretty good it came from me. I am responsible for bookkeeping, accounts payable and receivable, and I also handle business credit applications. Outside of work, I love to do crafty stuff around the house, spend time in my garden and take long weekends at the Lake Erie islands.




MATT PETCHEWarehouse Manager

Here at Arborwear I wear the pants of Warehouse Manager. Be it overseas or out our front door, I help pick, pack, and ship the products our customers love. When I'm not here, you can find me exploring the outdoors with my dog or just working in the yard, of course in my Arborwear gear!


LISA MCKELVEYWarehouse Specialist

My job here at Arborwear is Warehouse Specialist. My days consist of keeping the warehouse organized, picking & packing orders and shipping them all over the world. When I'm not at work, I enjoy reading, yoga, hiking & spending time with my two teenagers!


STACEY RAUCHWarehouse Coordinator

I wear the Warehouse Coordinator hat here at Arborwear. My day mainly consists of keeping the warehouse clean, stocked and organized, planning for our incoming shipments, and working with the Warehouse, Customer Care and Retail Store teams to get our amazing products out to our customers as quickly and efficiently as possible. In my free time, I stay active mostly by playing A LOT of softball, hiking and kayaking. I am always looking for a new adventure!


BRENT BOMBACKShipping Coordinator

Working at Arborwear has allowed me to combine my passion for the outdoors and gear up with clothing that stands up to any condition! When I'm not picking, packing or shipping orders, you will most likely find me fishing in any given creek, river, pond or lake. Reeling in big bass and steelhead is my passion. If I am not fishing, I am more than likely golfing or playing soccer, or just enjoying the outdoors.


CHAR PLIMLRetail Store Supervisor

My day begins with evaluating stock levels for our Arborwear clothing and all the brands of boots we sell in our flagship retail store. I’m on the phone daily with our boot vendors ordering styles and sizes to meet the needs of our customers. When I’m not ordering boots, you can find me managing my retail team. With my many years of retail experience, I make sure that the store is fully stocked and that my staff and I provide a fun and friendly atmosphere to shop for honest, hardworking clothing. Stop in and say hi. I can’t wait to meet you! When I’m not with my Arborwear family, you can find me with my own family, working in my veggie garden, fishing, tending to our honey bees, or in my kitchen baking with my granddaughters. Hands down, my favorite Arborwear product is our Women's Canopy Pants.



Listen, you've spent countless hours fussing over your logo. When it's time to dress your team in company swag, don't send that logo off without a chaperone - that's me! I'll show you the best ways to get your name out and pump up your street cred exponentially. When I'm not at Arborwear, you'll find me endlessly tinkering with wood projects or performing "quality control" at micro-breweries all over Cleveland and Pittsburgh.


JACK BOWERSRetail & Trade Show Lead

I love my time at Arborwear as I get to wear a couple of different hats. Most days, I work hard to provide the best possible customer experience at the flagship store. In addition to that, I help to coordinate and plan our trade show presence and make sure that the shows run smoothly. I attended Kent State University where I majored in Fashion Merchandising and played Rugby. I am a huge Merle Haggard fan and I love Country Music & Country Music history. Outside of work I love to hike, fish, play music and travel the world with my beautiful wife Micaela.


YOUFuture Arborwear Employee

We’re growing and need more help! If you have a positive attitude and are organized, reliable, upbeat, qualified and work well with a team, we'd love to have you join ours.